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Reasons For Reiki from A to Z

Science tells us that everything is made up of energy. We are surrounded by energy, we absorb energy, and we create energy. Every thought we have, every gesture we make, every word we say creates energy. The same energy that composes our body, composes our car, phone, animals, trees, you name it. Energy can never be made or destroyed, but it's constantly flowing and changing form.

The definition of Reiki is "life force energy". Reiki heals by flowing through any affected parts of our energy field and charging them with positive energy. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki clears, balances, and heals our energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

So if Reiki is energy, and energy is everything, then logic would state that Reiki can help with everything! Check out this list of reasons to receive from A-Z.

A: anxiety, anger, addiction, appetite, allergies, ADHD, asthma

B: balance, breathing, blood pressure, bloating, bladder, bones, back pain

C: confidence, communication, creativity, compassion, circulation, cramps, chronic pain

D: depression, decision making, doubt, dental issues, digestion

E: emotions, empathy, low energy, eating disorders, ear and eye issues, envy

F: fear, fatigue, flatulence, fertility issues, frustration

G: grief, guilt, gout, gums, grinding teeth, increase gratitude

H: heartache, headache, heartburn, speeds healing, hip pain

I: intuition, isolation, imagination, indigestion, IBS, immune system, inflammation

J: just feeling ‘off’, judgment, jealousy, joint pain, jaw tension

K: knee pain, kidneys, increasing kindness

L: low self-esteem, feeling lost, lack of focus, liver, legs, lust, labor and delivery, lactation

M: mental stress, menstruation, menopause, migraines, mucus, monetary issues

N: nervous system, neck pain, nose issues

O: oneness with nature, overburdened, overwhelmed, ovaries

P: physical pain, panic, PMS, postpartum depression, pre & post operation

Q: quiet a busy mind

R: relationships, respiration, restless leg syndrome, feeling restless

S: sleeplessness, sexuality, spleen, feeling safe and secure, sinuses, stress, feeling stuck

T: trust, trauma, thyroid issues, ingrown toenails

U: universal connection, undiagnosed issues

V: voicing your needs, vocal cords, vein issues

W: wisdom, worry, warts, wrists

X: expressing your truth

Y: your overall health and wellbeing

Z: feeling Zen

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