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Hello, I'm Kristen

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing! As your dedicated guide, I'm not just a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healing Practitioner; I am a beacon of empathy and understanding. At Palo Alto Reiki, I've crafted more than a space; it's a sacred sanctuary where your self-healing unfolds without judgment or force. I don't view you as broken because you're not; none of us are. My mission transcends fixing – it's about empowering you to realize your innate strengths: inner wisdom, personal power, self-expression, love, creativity, a solid foundation, and divine guidance.

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Embarking on my own transformative journey, I faced emotional abuse, anorexia, sexual assault, anxiety, miscarriage, infertility, and more. These challenges molded me, fostering a profound spiritual awakening during the extensive recovery from a life-altering accident. What sets my journey apart is its evolution from two decades as a marketing professional in the corporate realm. Electing to step away from the toxic environment, I sought fulfillment as a Reiki Healer. Now, with an open heart, I extend Reiki Energy Healing to those navigating personal pain. Through these experiences, I’ve gained insights into the power of resilience and personal growth. As your guide, I am here to share that wisdom and support your unique journey. Together, let’s triumph over life’s challenges and unveil the resilience within you, inspiring confidence and empowerment.


Guiding Principles

As an Energy Healer, my mission is to channel Reiki life force energy, alleviate blockages, and foster an unimpeded energy flow within each client's body, thereby nurturing self-healing for their highest good. I approach each session without expectation or attachment to outcomes, trusting in the benevolent guidance of the Universe.


Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Academy of Energy Healing

Certified Reiki 1, Reiki Energy Healing LLC

Certified Reiki 2, Reiki Energy Healing LLC

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Academy of Energy Healing

Professional Affiliations
Registered Reiki Professional IARP Member 2023 badge
The International Institute for Complementary Therapists 100% Certified Natural Therapist Member badge
Reiki Healing Association (RHA) Member badge
Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR) Logo
Association For Spirit-Based  Practitioners Logo
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