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Reiki Share--July
Reiki Share--July
Jul 20, 2024, 1:00 PM
Ventura Community Center
Private Group Events

Discover the perfect way to bring relaxation, insight, and connection to your next gathering with Palo Alto Reiki’s Private Group Event Offerings. Whether it's a team-building session, birthday celebration, baby or bridal shower, mom's group meet-up, or wellness retreat, each experience is tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your guests. Choose from Group Reiki, Group Readings, or Group Meditation to create a memorable and uplifting experience. 

Event Details:

  • Length: 60 minutes (may vary based on group size) 

  • Guests: Minimum of 3 and maximum of 10

  • Cost: $100 per guest (due at the time of booking)

  • Location: Sessions can be scheduled on Zoom or at a location of your choice within the Bay Area (home, office, park, etc.). A room rental is available in Palo Alto for an additional $100 fee.

Ready to create a meaningful and enriching experience for your group? Email, text, or call to schedule the next event:

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Group Reiki

Begin with a brief guided relaxation, setting the stage for a deeply restorative experience. Reiki energy healing will then be channeled for each participant individually and for the group as a whole, fostering a sense of collective peace and rejuvenation.

Tarot Card Deck

Group Reading

During this interactive session, cards will be drawn for each guest. Together, explore the meanings and messages, providing insights and guidance that resonate with each situation. This is a wonderful way to gain perspective and clarity in a supportive group setting.

Meditation Class

Group Meditation

Allow yourselves to be gently guided through a visual meditation designed to promote inner peace and connection. This calming session will help everyone achieve a state of relaxation and harmony, leaving all feeling refreshed and centered.

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