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Finding My True Self: A Journey of Healing, Authenticity, and Reiki

Updated: Apr 11

How are you feeling today? I invite you to pause for a moment and check in with yourself. Whether you're basking in positivity or wading through uncertainty, it’s crucial to recognize that your emotions are entirely valid. In a society that often urges us to disregard our feelings, choosing to embrace them is a profound act of self-care. This conviction is deeply rooted in my own life, guiding me through a transformative journey of healing, self-discovery, and the bold acceptance of our emotional truths.

Facing Emotional Repression

My childhood was defined by emotionally immature parents, creating a dynamic where my needs consistently fell secondary to theirs. Amidst my mother’s insecurities and my father’s domineering persona, my own emotions had little room to breathe. From a tender age, I mastered the art of suppressing my desires to avoid disruptions, inherently understanding that opposing the established order invited conflict.

This wasn’t a deliberate choice to put others first, but a survival strategy in an environment where my value seemed tied to how well I could appease those around me. This pattern of people-pleasing seeped into every facet of my life—impacting my relationships, career, and wellbeing—and fostered harmful coping strategies and perpetual busyness.

The Wake-Up Call

Life took an unexpected turn when, at 40, I suffered a severe injury—my ankle and shin shattered, confining me to my couch for months. It was a jolting wake-up call, forcing me to confront the turmoil I had long ignored. As I grappled with both physical and emotional pain, I realized it was time to stop burying my feelings and start acknowledging them, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

The Journey Inward

Addressing years of suppressed feelings was daunting. It required immense personal courage and professional support to delve into the depths of my psyche and confront hidden truths. Therapy, self-help resources, and spiritual practices became my allies in navigating the complex web of my emotions. Through journaling, meditation, and extensive reading, I gradually uncovered and processed my feelings, discovering that healing is neither linear nor predictable. Each step forward brought a sense of liberation and authenticity.

In the midst of this inner exploration, I discovered that healing isn't a straightforward path. It's messy and unpredictable, filled with both setbacks and breakthroughs. Yet, with each step forward, I felt a little lighter, a little freer, and a little more authentically myself.

Reclaiming Authenticity

Deepening my emotional exploration, I uncovered a robust sense of self-empowerment and authenticity. Tired of the facades of busyness and conformity, I embraced the courage to voice my truths and prioritize my needs, which fostered healthier, genuine relationships.

This awakening prompted a dramatic career shift: I exited a two-decade tenure in corporate marketing to align my professional life with my true self.

Discovering Reiki

During this period of transformation, I was introduced to Reiki. Despite initial skepticism, my first session was revelatory, stirring a deep interest in the practice. Attending a Reiki certification class, I immediately felt a profound connection; it was less of learning and more of remembering. The principles of Reiki—authenticity, graciousness, integrity, compassion, and joy—deeply resonated with me.

Motivated by this discovery, I pursued advanced training and eventually became a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki didn’t just offer healing; it illuminated my path toward wholeness and authenticity.

Invitation to Authenticity

So, I ask you again: How are you feeling today? If my journey strikes a chord with you, let it be a reminder that you are not alone. Let us embrace our full spectrum of emotions and navigate our healing paths with compassion, courage, and self-trust.

As a Reiki Master, I’ve supported many individuals on their paths to self-discovery and healing. If you’re drawn to explore Reiki as a means of support and transformation, I would be honored to guide you toward a life of authenticity and wholeness.

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