A sacred space for self healing.

Offering energy healing sessions for people, pets and places.
Plus intuitive guidance, classes and events.

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Welcome, I'm Kristen and I'm so glad you're here. As an International Energy Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher I help people who are stressed, suffering, or otherwise struggling feel better by restoring their physical, emotional, and mental energy to its natural state of harmony and balance. After just one Reiki session clients report feeling more relaxed, lighter, and better equipped to handle life's challenges.

Reiki is a gentle, no-touch healing technique which treats the whole person. During a session, you comfortably lay back, fully clothed, while life force energy is channeled to you from across the room. Receiving Reiki activates your body, mind, and spirit's ability to self-heal, easing many types of pain and suffering, including, but not limited to headaches, backaches, digestion issues, surgery recovery, loss and grief, fear, anxiety, depression, burnout, and insomnia. Whether the pain you're experiencing is old and buried, fresh and raw, or chronic and ongoing, Reiki may help you manage and overcome it.

Each Reiki Energy Healing session is personalized based on your specific needs and intentions, and includes the following for an all-encompassing healing experience:

  • Channeled Reiki Energy

  • Intuitive Guidance

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Aura Clearing

  • Restorative Music

  • Guided Relaxation

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Aromatherapy

COVID Precautions: I offer both in-person and Zoom sessions for all appointments. Please make your own decision on which to schedule based on your personal levels of risk and comfort. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. Vaccinations are required for all in-person clients. I practice proximity Reiki, which means I beam Reiki from a distance of 6-feet, requiring no hands-on contact. The room is wiped with Clorox between clients and has two seperate air ventilation systems, plus windows to open (weather permitting).