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Welcome to
Palo Alto Reiki

Your sacred space for self healing.

Hello, lovely soul! I'm Kristen, and I'm truly grateful to have you here. As a Reiki Energy Healer, my purpose is to wholeheartedly support women like yourself in safeguarding and supercharging your energy so you can feel your absolute best. My mission is to guide you toward profound relaxation, emotional harmony, stress release, while easing any discomfort you might be feeling.

Let's begin our journey with a brief check-in. I invite you to take a moment to lower your gaze and inhale deeply, exhaling slowly. Now, what do you notice—how does your body feel? Your mind? Your heart? Tune in to your inner voice. Are you feeling like your vibrant self, or is there something throwing you off balance? Perhaps you're carrying a bit too much on your shoulders, or your energy feels a bit stuck? Whatever it is, please know you're not alone. You've found a safe, nurturing space here where you can ease into surrender and heal. So, let's take this journey forward together, shall we?


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal (rei) life force energy (ki). Receiving Reiki allows you to gently release whatever isn't serving you and restore your energy centers (chakras) to their natural state of balance and harmony. Thus enabling you to feel lighter, balanced, and relaxed.

Benefits of Reiki: promotes mental clarity, increases self love and confidence, balances emotions, strengthens natural immune system, calms worry and stress, processes grief and fear, promotes pain relief.

How Reiki Works

The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it firsthand! Reiki is a gentle, no-touch energy healing technique that addresses the holistic well-being of the individual—mind, body, and spirit. During a session, you can simply relax as I channel Reiki life force energy toward you, stimulating your natural ability to self-heal. I practice proximity Reiki, meaning I transmit Reiki from across the room, so there's no need for hands-on contact. You don't have to do anything for Reiki to be effective; the energy automatically releases what isn't serving you, restoring your energy to optimal levels. This process enables deep relaxation, emotional balance, stress reduction, and pain relief. While spiritual in nature, Reiki is not affiliated with any religion, making it accessible to everyone. Rest assured, Reiki is always channeled for your highest good and can never cause harm. No previous experience is needed.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

As a certified and experienced Reiki Master, my passion for energy healing runs deep. I wholeheartedly invite you to visit Palo Alto Reiki, where each session is a personalized journey crafted specifically for you. Imagine stepping into a sacred space, meticulously curated to offer a deeply therapeutic, all-encompassing healing experience, including:

A gentle balancing of your chakras

Universal life force energy (Reiki) channeled for your highest good

Cleansing your aura to release any negativity

A guided visualization that transports you to a place of deep relaxation

And if you're here in person, enjoying the subtle benefits of aromatherapy and crystal therapy

Beyond these techniques, what truly sets Palo Alto Reiki apart is the heart and soul poured into every session. Throughout my years of practice, I've walked alongside countless women, each facing their own unique struggles – whether it's grief, anxiety, career changes, or relationship turmoil. While Reiki doesn't promise to erase life's challenges, it has a beautiful way of lifting the weight off your shoulders, bringing a sense of lightness, peace, and renewed strength.


And let's not forget the little ones! From newborns to teens, Reiki has been a comforting presence, aiding in everything from sleep issues to emotional hurdles. It's incredible how something as gentle as Reiki can touch lives at every stage, offering solace and support.


So, whether you're seeking healing for yourself or a loved one, know that you're in compassionate hands here at Palo Alto Reiki. Together, we'll navigate life's ups and downs, bringing a little more light and love into your world.

You're in Good Hands

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Felicia F., CA

"Truly truly gifted! is what I have to say about Kristen. I've done decades of energy work and Kristen is the most powerful practitioner I've encountered. Her reading of what is occurring in my body is always spot on, and she has inspired profound shifts and healing in my body. The transformation I've experienced with her has eclipsed all of my work with therapists, doctors and other healers: my anxiety has dropped by 75%, I am sleeping well, my mind is calmer, I am triggered less often in my relationships and most importantly I have learned how to live from the reserve of self love within myself. Kristen is simply put a dynamo! I recommend her to everyone I know."

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