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Bring home the magic of my Signature Scent chakra spray—the very same one I use in the Reiki studio!


Meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients, this intoxicating mist blends premium essential oils, witch hazel, and purified water, infused with the ancient healing energy of crystals and Reiki.


My special blend offers an irresistible scent journey, intertwining soothing lavender, earthy sage, refreshing eucalyptus, sweet rose, zesty grapefruit, and uplifting orange, with a touch of grounding patchouli.


Use it often to safeguard and supercharge your energy. Simply give the bottle a gentle shake, spritz your skin or the air around you, and take a deep breath. Feel the calming energy envelop you, aligning your chakras and lifting your spirits.


Whether it's a treat for yourself or a heartfelt gift, the Signature Scent chakra spray transports you to a place of inner harmony and well-being

Signature Scent Chakra Spray

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