Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Healing with Intuitive Guidance from a certified Reiki Master.

Intuitive Guidance

Receive guidance from an Intuitive Empath using oracle/tarot cards.

Energy Clearing for Personal Spaces

Clear negative energy from your home, car, workspace with Reiki.

Animal Reiki for Pets

Energy Healing for dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles.

Shop Energy Sprays & Candles

Hand Crafted | Energy Infused | Superior Quality

ZOOM vs In-Person sessions

All energy healing sessions are equally effective whether on Zoom or in-person. The choice is yours.

What to expect

Each session is personalized and unique based on your specific needs and intentions.

Meet Kristen

Founder of Palo Alto Reiki, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Empath.

Reiki Explained

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique for pain relief and stress reduction that promotes the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reasons For Reiki from A to Z

Reiki heals by flowing through any affected parts of our energy field and charging them with positive energy. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away.

Why we should all be earthing

Earthing (also called grounding) is critically important to our overall health and wellbeing.

Inspirational Playlist

This intuitively curated playlist of over 60 songs will move you--body and soul.


Stay informed, engaged, and inspired.