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Each fine mist spray bottle is lovingly filled with an original blend of the highest quality therapeutic grade pure essential oils, witch hazel, and purified water. Gently shake the bottle, then mist your skin and/or your environment, take a long, slow deep breath and feel the healing begin.

Clean Energy Spray

  • Created with the intention of purifying personal space and clearing heavy energy from the environment.

    Recommended to ease suffering from: toxic energy, old energy from a previous home owner, disruptive energy following an argument, heavy energy due to grief, stagnant or stuck energy. May also be used in place of burning sage for smudging.

    To use: Spray this mist liberally throughout your environment to clear out energy which is not aligned with your vibration.

    Say it & Spray it: "I release all energy that no longer serves me and welcome in fresh energy for my highest good. And so it is."

    Crafted with:

    • Grapefruit oil, for purification
    • Lemon oil, for cleansing and protecting
    • Cypress oil, for optimism and acceptance
    • Pine oil, for opening and clearing 
    • Frankincense oil, for peace and connectedness
    • Selenite crystal chips, to provide protection
    • Black Tourmaline crystal chips, to absorb negativity
    • Steam distilled, alcohol free, fragrance free witch hazel
    • Purified water, lovingly charged with Reiki energy
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