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When I’m Queen of the World

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

At some point in the future, I plan to be in charge of everything. No idea exactly how that’s gonna go down, but minor details are such a bore. And just so you know, the world will be run much differently. As the self-proclaimed Queen of the World, this shall be my decree:

People will be valued by their integrity first and foremost. Honor will be bestowed to the most honest and charitable people across the lands.

Teachers, nurses, doctors, child and elderly caretakers, scientists, environmentalists, researchers, and those who care for the underprivileged will be the highest paid jobs. Entertainment jobs (professional sports players, TV/movie stars, musical stars, authors, comedians, etc.) will all be unpaid and voluntary.

Guns will no longer exist.

In order to apply for any job, resumes, LinkedIn, networking, nepotism, back-room deals, and who-you-know will all be obsolete. The only application accepted for a job will be submission of your astrological birth chart. Resumes lie–the stars don’t.

People will go back to living in open villages instead of single-family homes. Living in isolation with lack of humanity and community has destroyed us as a species. We are communal creatures. We are not meant to be held captive in houses and buildings of brick and glass, staring at electric screens all day. Nor are we meant to be away from nature endless hours every day driving alone in our enclosed vehicles of steel and rubber. It’s made us angry.

Nuclear weapons will no longer exist.

Women will be cherished for their ability to give life. Their menstrual cycles will be treated with regard and respect, not mocked and ridiculed. Pregnancies will be treated like the miracles for which they are. The birthing process will be a celebration of life for both the baby and the mother, filled with love and support, not guilt and anxiety. No mother will be forced back to work until she is ready, no mother will be made to feel guilty for how she chooses to feed her baby, and no mother will be shamed for the glorious way in which her body changes after creating a life.

Freedom of religion will be a real thing, not a political talking point. No wars will be fought over who we pray to, which book we worship from, or what we believe in. The point is simply to believe.

Happiness in life will be measured by what we cannot see. It will not be measured by status, wealth, stature or material possessions.

Our water and air will be clean, our food will be chemical free, our children will be safe, cancer and all other disease will be eradicated, overpopulation won’t be an issue, crime will stop, racism will end, pets will live forever, heartbreak won’t hurt, flowers will bloom every season, Birthday wishes will all come true and love will conquer all.

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