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Reiki Prayer of Intention

Updated: Apr 28

Taking a moment to set an intention prior to a Reiki energy healing session is a beautiful and time-honored practice. An intention helps center your body, mind, and soul around healing for your highest good. Intentions are personal, private and anything meaningful to you. If you're looking for inspiration, I invite you to recite this prayer (either aloud or in your mind) before your Reiki healing session begins. A copy of it is displayed in my Reiki studio for reference. Reiki's healing energy works with or without intention setting, however I recommend it for all who feel it's right for them.

I invite my heart center to gently open and receive exactly what I need for my highest good.

I welcome the healing light of Reiki into my mind, body, and soul.

I trust that the Universe is fully and unconditionally supporting me.

I honor Mother Earth as she holds me securely in her embrace.

I acknowledge that my body is the safest place to be in this moment.

I deserve to be nourished, content, and filled with divine love.

I allow my vibration to rise in the presence of Reiki’s healing light.

It feels so good to accept healing into my life.

Welcome healing light, welcome.

And so it is.

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