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October 2022 Reflections

You better believe I love October! All of it...the fall foliage, pumpkins in every form, Diwali and Halloween, sweaters and slippers, costumes and candy, shorter days and cooler nights. I especially love that potion making and spell casting are acceptable topics of conversation this month. Like, I'm the weirdo making potions in June, but it's all good in October?? It's fine--I'll take what I can get. And you can bet ur broomsticks that I dress as a witch for Halloween. All in good fun my pretties. In other news, you may have noticed on my website that I recently changed the focus of my practice to exclusively serve women and those who identify as women. It was a conscious choice and not one that I made lightly. The shift was less about leaving men out and more about calling women in. Over the years I've had few male clients (whom I've since referred to another practitioner), so on paper it wasn't a huge change. But energetically it WAS a huge change. Allow me to elaborate. We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us. These are universal energies which have nothing to do with gender. For example, giving is an action of masculine energy, and receiving is an action of feminine energy, and balancing both is key to inner harmony. Since our current society is dominated by natural male energies (logic, focus, productivity, confidence, action, conflict, and structure) many of us feel a deep imbalance in our lives. This imbalance can look like anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, exhaustion, or illness. By allowing Palo Alto Reiki to become a sacred space specifically for women, the natural feminine energies such as intuition, emotion, openness, vulnerability, stillness, and surrender are prioritized. Thus allowing women a reprieve from the hustle bustle of every day life and the opportunity to regain energetic balance. My vision moving forward is to honor the Divine Feminine deeply with my hold space for women's tears, fears, worries, and listen to women's stories with an open allow for women's true needs and acknowledge the goddess within each of meet women where they're at on their journey and offer energy healing and intuitive guidance for their highest good. And so it is.

With a grateful heart, Kristen

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