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November 2021 Reflections

Updated: Apr 28

Do you love this photo as much as I do? If so, what do you connect with? How does it make you feel? When I look at it I see so many of my favorite things captured--a warm fire, mug of coffee, good book, and cozy blankets. All these things bring me right back to the Michigan winters of my childhood. I can still picture my red snowsuit, sledding on saucers with friends, and Thanksgiving dinners with my family. (Not all my early memories are fond, but there are definitely some good ones.) This photo also reminds me of the incredible years I lived in Aarhus, Denmark. That was a truly magical time in my life. We moved to Denmark for my husband's job when my son was 2 years old. While there I got pregnant and delivered my daughter--we call her our Danish souvenir :) I met wonderful people during my time there and lived walking distance from the North Sea and Queen's Park. It was in Denmark where I first learned the word hygge. Hygge is a Danish word for "a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality, with feelings of wellness and contentment". You may have heard this word before, as it made it's way to the the US a few years back. The most important thing I learned about hygge from the Danes is that it's not about the stuff of coziness. It's about the feeling of coziness. No need to buy special candles, designer sweaters, or fancy food and drink. No need to throw a party or even be cuddled with a loved one. Hygge comes from within. From a deep sense of peace and happiness. You can cultivate hygge in your own life by creating a sanctuary of satisfaction within your heart. That way its always with you. Wishing you and your family a snuggly November filled with bountiful feelings of hygge. With gratitude, Kristen

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