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May 2021 Reflections

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

May is upon us my friends and with it brings a month of transitions and femininity. I have always felt that May is a 'bridge' month, connecting us from spring to summer, school days to graduation ceremonies, indoor activities to outdoor. While the process of transformation can feel unruly and daunting at times, it is necessary. After all, change is the only constant in life. Trust that the universe is guiding you through any necessary transitions with it's abundant supply of positive energy and unwavering support for your highest good. It's hard to ignore the feminine energy this month as well, between Mother's Day, wedding ceremonies, and the Gaelic tradition of Beltane. Each of these events celebrate unity, fertility, and emotional expression in their own way. Some may consider feminine energy quiet and rejuvenating, but that's only half of it. Feminine energy is also bold — it's the force of transformation. If things in your life are no longer working for you, it is feminine energy that surges to make a change. If it feels right for you, take time this month to tune into your body, mind, and soul to see what personal transitions may be on the horizon for you. Perhaps there's something in your life that you're ready to 'bridge' from past to present? Whatever you are ready to change, is what will come up for you. Wishing you all the merriment that May can bring! With gratitude, Kristen

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