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March Inbox Inspiration

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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What's that I see? Is it a tiny little tree bud coming to life? Depending on where you live, you may be starting to see the first signs of spring. Like me, the flowers are beginning to emerge from a long winter's nap. I imagine Mother Nature waking up, taking a full body stretch, shaking the sleep from her eyes, and telling us it's time to awaken--we've got growing to do. For some, this bright new energy may feel exciting and regenerative. For others, it may feel overwhelming and too soon. Honor where you are.

As the days once again grow longer, the sun shines brighter, and the cold begins its retreat, see if it feels right for you to welcome spring with a bit of ceremony this year. Some ideas that come to mind are spring cleaning your garage, basement, or closet, gardening, getting outside for daily walks in the sun, bringing fresh cut flowers into your space, driving with the windows down, waking up earlier, eating lighter, fresher foods. It's not important exactly what you do, it's your intention that matters most.

May you bloom with endless possibilities this month!

With gratitude, Kristen New & Notable

A New Way To Smudge I created this spray with the intention of purifying your personal space and clearing out energy which no longer serves you from your environment. Using this spay rather than burning sage to cleanse your environment is a show of respect to Indigenous cultures and the ecosystem. (Learn more about the ethics of burning sage here.) Clean Energy Spray combines the medicinal properties of therapeutic grade pure essential oils, with the ancient healing power of crystals, and the pure white light Reiki life force energy. Plus it smells divine!! BUY Time For Spring Clearing! Book an Energy Clearing for Personal Space session for your home, workspace, and/or your car to clear them of negativity, blocks, and stagnant energies. Highly recommended if you just moved into an apartment or house, bought a used car, or started a job in a new location. Appointments are offered over Zoom or in person within the Bay Area. Both are equally effective in clearing energy and bringing harmony to your personal space. BOOK

Ready For Your Next Session?

Reiki is Self Care and Health Care Just as you regularly take care of your physical and mental health, it's equally important to take care of your energetic health. Think of a Reiki session as an 'energy tune-up' in which your energetic field is cleared of anything weighing you down (worry, frustration, anger, grief, doubt, fear, etc.) This allows your nervous system to shift from a 'fight or flight' stress response, to a 'rest and digest' healing mode. From this place of deep relaxation your heart rates slows, your breathing steadies, and your blood pressure stabilizes. You'll leave a session feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored! BOOK

Do you have a Gift Session to redeem? If so, you may book directly online using the button below. Pick the day and time that works for you, and whether you prefer Zoom or in-person. See you soon! REDEEM

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Client Confidence "Truly, truly gifted is what I have to say about Kristen! I've done a lot of energy work over the decades of my life and Kristen is the most powerful practitioner I've encountered. I am so blown away by how fantastic I feel under her care that I have committed to seeing Kristen on a weekly basis. Her reading of what is occurring in my body is spot on, and she has inspired profound shifts and healing in my body. I feel amazing each time I see her-- I am sleeping well, my mind is calmer, and I am triggered less often. Kristen is simply put, a dynamo!" -Felicia, Zoom Client, Palo Alto, CA

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