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July/August 2022 Reflections

Welcome August!

Wherever you are reading this from, I invite you to pause, take a deep breath, and tune in to the energy of August. How are you feeling as we begin our 8th month this year? Interestingly, the number 8 holds significant meaning and represents luck, balance, and new beginnings. I encourage you to ponder what that looks like for you this month. For me, new beginnings and balance are welcome! Bring it on August. Before jumping into this new month, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the past two months and what I've learned... In June I traveled to Alaska for the first time and soaked in Mother Nature's extreme beauty for ten days. I found the energy up there to be light, cleansing, and abundant. I connected strongly with Owl Spirit while there, which represents an increased ability to see things clearly and reminds us to be true to ourselves. I was also honored and overjoyed to see many spectacular creatures roaming the land and swimming in the Sea including moose, orcas, brown bears, dall sheep, puffins, porpoises, bald eagles, harp seals, caribou, and sea otters. It was an important reminder of just how much beauty exists on our precious planet. Then upon returning home July 1st I tested positive for COVID. Though I'm fully vaccinated, my symptoms were severe and lasted two weeks. I went to urgent care twice, but there was nothing doctors could do. I was struck by an overwhelming sense of humanity during the experience. We humans are still doing the best we can muddling our way thru this pandemic even after two years. While thankfully there is a vaccine and less deaths, there's still no quick fix, no cure, and ultimately a very slim chance anyone will avoid catching it. I find it humbling on a cosmic level. A reminder that no matter what's happening in our daily lives, at this moment we're all on a floating rock hurdling thru space. How's that for a perspective shift? COVID also reminded me the critical importance of recovery time. Most people tend to slow down when actively ill with symptoms--their bodies force them to. But how many of us allow a recovery period after the symptoms subside? A time of resting and digesting what we just experienced. A gradual ramp up back into our daily lives. It feels as if it's all or nothing--we're either sick or healthy. Like flipping a switch, we jump back into our to-do lists. We site jobs, responsibilities, and the pressure to get back to it. I find it exhausting and energetically jarring. When did recuperating become a luxury? I'm advocating for us to go at a slower pace, allowing ourselves permission to fully recover, body, mind, and spirit. Time is our most limited resource--we need to ensure we take all we need for ourselves. Wishing you a beautiful August, filled with good luck, balance, and new beginnings. With a grateful heart, Kristen

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