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January 2022 Reflections

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to a new year my loves. How are you feeling? What's coming up for you as you look ahead? Are you leaving anything behind that was weighing you down? Are you feeling a sense of renewal? A fresh start? There's just something special about turning the calendar page to a whole new year, you know? It feels so cleansing to me.

That said, I'm not one for making huge changes or dramatic resolutions in January. I'm still in my slowed down, re-charging, hibernating winter mode. When it comes to rituals of any kind, I find it's best to listen to my heart and follow my intuition. Thus, my ritual to ring in a new year is simple and personal. I'll share it here:

  • I create an EnVision board using my creativity and intuition, and I reflect on messages from my board throughout the year.

  • I journal a list of what I'm letting go and what I'm calling in.

  • I choose a few words of focus for the year. The words typically come to me via messages from the universe. For 2022 my words are BOLD | GENUINESS | RESPECT.

  • I take a long, hot, cleansing bath in Himalayan salts and essential oils.

  • I write messages of love, hope, and gratitude to the important people in my life.

I also enjoy checking in with my astrological chart for the coming year, pulling an oracle card for the year, and reading up on the numerology. Speaking of...numerically speaking, 2022 is a six-year ushering in a focus on relationships, responsibilities, and deep healing. It's the ideal time to let go of our differences, forgive the past, and accept each other. To which I say halleluiah and sign me up!! (You can read more about this year's numerology here.) Wishing each and every one of you a year filled with good health, abundant love, and inner peace.

With a grateful heart,


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