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January 2021 Reflections

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! How's it going so far? Are you sensing newness and a fresh start? Or perhaps you're feeling blah, and stuck in more of the same? Does the turn of the calendar fill you with excitement, anxiety, or nothing at all? Take a moment to check in, acknowledge, and honor where you're at. There's no right or wrong answer--whatever you're feeling is perfect.

After the busyness of December, I believe January ushers in a gentle time of quiet reflection. The new month offers us an opportunity to sink a little deeper into wintertime, breathe cool crisp air, savor hearty soups, and go to bed a little earlier. I invite you to lean in to the softness of January. How will you be gentle with yourself this month?

Wishing each of you a January filled with peace and good health.

Love & Light, Kristen

New on the website is an intuitively curated playlist of over 60 songs to move you--body and soul. The lyrics of each song are filled with emotion, positivity, and inspiration. The playlist is free and streams continuously for hours. Tune in anytime you want to relax your busy mind, raise your vibration, dance it out, and/or connect to your higher self. Enjoy!

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