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Here’s What I Know So Far

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Coronavirus is the shock to our system that we need.

We were due for this. It was bound to happen sooner or later. We had too many good years, decades really, without issue. Yes we had tragedies such as 9/11, hurricanes, school shootings, but those tragedies didn’t unite us. They divided us. They increased our discourse. They didn’t bring out our best qualities of love, compassion and empathy. Rather they brought out our worst qualities of hate, blame and division. I’m sorry to say, but they taught us nothing.

We needed a bigger lesson, from a bigger teacher. One we could not ignore. One that treated us equally, and showed us once and for all that skin color, wealth, age, gender, and nationality do not matter. One that struck and killed people with no discrimination, no political agenda, no bias. The Coronavirus has knocked us down collectively to our most basic level of humanity. It’s shown us that we all require health, security and human connection to survive. This virus is showing us what we’ve ignored for too long–we’re all the same underneath.

Did I know this grand lesson would show up as a virus? No. But I knew something would come that was all encompassing and completely out of our control. I pondered possible nuclear war, climate disaster, or alien invasion. I knew whatever came would downsize humanity, slow destruction of the planet, and bring us together in a way that only a global tragedy can do.

But is tragedy the right word? Or is awakening more accurate? Is it destruction or reconstruction? Is it the end of what we know, or is it the beginning of what we can know?

It’s impossible to know where this pandemic will take us. But what I know so far, is it will be for our greater good.

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