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February Inbox Inspiration

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Keeping you informed, encouraged, & inspired.

Happy February my loves! Much like the beloved Leslie Knope coined "Galentine's Day", I too would like to declare February as something more than couples and cupids. I propose February be the month of self love. When we focus on self love, we are never alone. We find fulfillment inside ourselves, not from someone else. Self love bring compassion, empathy, and peace. It's both the simplest and most difficult thing in the world to do...I invite you to try. As Buddha reminds us, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Wishing each of you a February filled with oodles of self love. With gratitude,


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MEDITATION GOES DIGITAL You may now experience meditation with me at your leisure and convenience. The weekly group meditations have ended, however you may now find digital audio files of meditations available online for purchase. New meditations will be uploaded regularly, so check the site often. MEDITATION Now Selling Chakra Sprays & Energy Candles Now you too can own the hand crafted chakra sprays and energy candles that I use during sessions! Each original blend spray and one-of-a-kind candle combines the ancient healing power of crystals, with the medicinal properties of flower essences, and the pure white light of Reiki life force energy. There are sprays and candles available to balance each chakra, plus one spray to help you sleep and another spray to clear away negative energy. I not saying these are magical, but I'm not not saying it either :) SHOP

Now Offering Energy Clearing for Personal Spaces Clear negative energy from your home, car, and/or workspace with Reiki. Perfect if you just moved into a new house or apartment! In person appointments are offered within the Bay Area, and equally effective Distance Reiki is available for locations outside the Bay Area. Sessions include feedback and recommendations to keep your space energetically cleansed, which may include suggestions of Feng Shui, crystals, chakra sprays, reorganization, etc. BOOK NOW


Client Quote "I started going to Kristen for Reiki without any idea what Reiki even was. I somehow just stumbled upon finding Kristen while googling what Reiki was and just followed my intuition to go with her. I have been going with her at least one a month for the past four months. Her warm, radiant and beautiful aura guided me through such an intense period of spiritual growth for me. She walked me through the entire process of Reiki: which of my chakras were blocked, how to align them and myself with my highest self and truly be in connection with my own inner wisdom. To say that Kristen provided me the utmost support in helping me unlock my divine energy, divine light and divine goddess power would be an understatement. She has been such a pivotal part in my life- I cannot thank her enough for clearing my own fog to see the sun in myself. I highly recommend her to anyone that is curious about Reiki, divine guidance or deeply connecting with yourself + the Universe that is already in you. Each time I leave her sessions, I am more in awe of the beauties of the Universe, gain so much clarity and radiate in pure abundance of happiness + divine love. Don’t even get me started with her angel card readings and mediations because it’s just a beautifully phenomenal experience. I tell all my friends and family about her and I’m so happy they’ve gone to her because I’ve seen a huge shift in their lives as well." ~Monica L., in-person client

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