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December 2021 Reflections

Updated: Apr 28

And just like that it's December again. Another year in the books (almost). While this time of year can be extra demanding of our time, I'm gonna float a crazy idea out there--let's chill out this December. Not because of Covid or travel restrictions, but by choice. Lets consciously, intentionally, sloooooooow down as 2021 comes to a close. I mean the sun is already doing it in the Northern hemisphere. It goes down at like 5:00 PM. So maybe we should as well? Who's with me?? If you're in, here are some ideas on how to slow your roll this month.

  1. Say no. I mean it. Do it. Say no. See what happens. See how you feel. I guarantee you cannot disappoint someone to death.

  2. Say no and stick with it. No take-backsies. Own it. You said no and that's that.

  3. Say no and let go of guilt. Guilt is a useless emotion. It serves zero purpose. It changes nothing. It doesn't make the other person feel any better, it only makes you feel like shit.

  4. Say no and don't make excuses. Did you now that the word no can be a complete sentence. It's true! Who knew? Someone asks you to meet for dinner or volunteer on a committee, you simply and politely say "no". You don't owe anyone a further explanation.

  5. Say no and don't apologize. What are you sorry for? You did nothing wrong. You were asked a question and you gave an answer. The other person may not like your answer, but that's for them to work out. You are not responsible for their feelings. In fact, you are only responsible for your own feelings. Say no to someone else so that you can say yes to yourself! Wishing you all a quiet and calm month filled with healthy boundaries, firm decisions, and loads of free time. With a grateful heart, Kristen

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