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April/May 2022 Reflections

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The calendar has turned its page once again, and just like that, we find ourselves in May.

Take a moment to breathe that in...what does May bring up for you? Does it have a smell? Sound? Shape? Color? Memories of May's gone by? Notice what you're feeling and see if anything needs to move through you. If so, gently allow it to flow and release, if that feels right for you. I invite you to journal this experience and consider greeting each new month with a similar ritual to help you feel present, grounded, and prepared for the weeks ahead. I don't know about you, but both April and May have me deeply connected with my divine feminine energy. It could be due to the abundance of warm weather and sunshine, open windows and blossom scented breezes, sundresses and sandals, singing birds and honeybees surrounding me. Or it could be that I took 3 weeks off in April to road trip with my family, read a book on the beach, go camping in nature, watch the sunset over the ocean, meditate under the full moon, visit with friends near and far, and celebrate my birthday with loved ones and Princess Cake! All things which allowed me to lean into natural feminine energies such as stillness, surrender, connection, pleasure, gentleness, acceptance, and ease.

Or. Or it could be that the collective masculine energy is so amped up right now, that I'm intentionally balancing my personal male/female energies. Just turn on the news and you'll be bombarded with wounded masculine energies such as aggression, conflict, control, survival, dominance, anger, and competition. Remember that masculine energy isn't only in men--we all possess both masculine and feminine energies, and we thrive when both are in alignment. If you're feeling 'off' energetically, see if you can pinpoint where you need balance. You can tune in and do this through Reiki, meditation, yoga, journaling, breathwork, and/or walking in nature.

May May bring us all into harmony and balance. With a grateful heart, Kristen

While We're on the Subject... One of my mentors, Dr. Gemma Monro wrote a bold, insightful, and necessary article recently which I'm being called to share with you all. It's titled, THE NEW GENDER BALANCE: The shift required for workplaces and individuals to thrive.

"This International Women’s Day 2022, I’m writing about a different kind of gender imbalance. It might raise a few hackles, but is nonetheless important. In fact, if we want to correct the Great Resignation, I believe it’s vital. We need to bring more femininity into our workplaces if they are to survive. Not just by making sure women are at the table (and listened to, I hasten to add - numbers alone are not enough). But by correcting the current imbalance of masculinity in organizations and in the leaders who run them. Before you assume that I am directing this article at men, I want to do two things..." <<CONTINUE READING>>

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