The Fall That Woke Me

What could have undone me, actually put me back together again. This is the story of the fall that woke me. I fell down, yet rose up. I was broken, yet made whole. I was still, yet moved like never before. I was confused, yet clarity came forth. I mourned what was lost, yet abundance was abound. I was hurting on the outside, yet healing on the inside. I slept all the time, yet was awake for the first time. I was alone, yet found solace in my own company. My bones were weak, y

Peace Be With You

We’ve lost the ability to be quiet. There’s noise everywhere. A constant hum of distraction. It’s more than just the sounds of traffic, pings from our devises, TVs in the background, radios in the car, undertones of conversations in restaurants…it’s literally a buzz in our brains. There’s no off-button for the constant barrage of information flung at us every moment of every day…no mute button, no silent mode. And it’s breaking us as humans. I dare say as a collective society

Dear Lily & Kate

Hello Girls, It’s me, your mama. It’s taken me almost 15 years to sit down and write to you both. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long. It’s not that I don’t think about you…I do. It’s just that for so many years when I did think about you, I got angry. Angry that you left me. I didn’t want to express that anger towards you, either of you, so I waited until I understood. Understood, that it wasn’t your fault–it was nobody’s fault. It was simply the way it was meant to be. Lily,

Inside Out

My shield has cracked, My heart has split. Real is seeping out. Quick! Should I clean it up? What if it makes a mess? Yes…what if? But it’s my mess! Aren’t I the only one who can clean it? Isn’t it just easier to not make the mess in the first place? Keep it all in, neat and tidy? But it’s too late for that. My walls are leaking. Real is seeping. Once it starts to ooze, it can’t be forced back it. It’s so unruly. So, I guess for now you’ll see my mess. What’s that you say? Yo