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The Fall That Woke Me

What could have undone me, actually put me back together again. This is the story of the fall that woke me. I fell down, yet rose up. I was broken, yet made whole. I was still, yet moved like never before. I was confused, yet clarity came forth. I mourned what was lost, yet abundance was abound. I was hurting on the outside, yet healing on the inside. I slept all the time, yet was awake for the first time. I was alone, yet found solace in my own company. My bones were weak, y

Peace Be With You

We’ve lost the ability to be quiet. There’s noise everywhere. A constant hum of distraction. It’s more than just the sounds of traffic, pings from our devises, TVs in the background, radios in the car, undertones of conversations in restaurants…it’s literally a buzz in our brains. There’s no off-button for the constant barrage of information flung at us every moment of every day…no mute button, no silent mode. And it’s breaking us as humans. I dare say as a collective society

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